Ba Xuyên

Took the subway to Brooklyn today for the sole reason of trying the Bahn-Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) at Ba Xuyên (in the Borough Park neighborhood). It did not disappoint! I had the Bánh Mì Xíu Mại (Meatball or crushed pork meatballs baguette sandwich), which was great from start to finish, and that was mainly because the meatball appeared at the beginning of the sandwich, all the way to the very end, to your very last bite of the Bánh Mì.

Like with any dish, a good one strikes a balance between all the ingredients. In this case, the baguette was neither so crusty hard that part of it might tear your palate; nor so soft that your teeth find it unchallenging; it was just right. So was the amount of pickled carrot and radish, hiding the sliced jalapeños, and a few sprigs of coriander, in addition to the star of the sandwich itself, the meatball. I was going to eat just half, but so good it was that I ended up gobbling the rest of ’em.

To complete this tasty sandwich on a hot day, I had a lychee smoothie. Yum!!!

Ba Xuyên
4222 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Tel: (718) 633-6601
Daily: 07:00 – 18:30


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